Using Decorators in JavaScript

This article discusses decorators used in JavaScript.

Optional Chaining Operator in JavaScript

The Optional Chaining Operator in JavaScript allows developers to safely check for the existence of deep nested properties in objects.

The future of JavaScript (ECMAScript 2019 and beyond)

In this article, we'll go through some of the features that are currently being considered to be added to JavaScript.

Setting up a Headless CMS on a VPS using

VPS - Virtual Private Servers - are hosted, virtual servers that we can rent from various providers. They have multiple benefits, including but not limited to stability, performance and flexibility.

🍬Syntactic sugar, diabetes alert🚨

Syntactic sugar is everywhere in JavaScript. Most will say it's JUST syntactic sugar - a tiny bit of candy that makes your coding life sweeter. Well, is it? A little bit of sugar here, a bit there… and before we know it, we already need an insulin shot. 

Serve an Angular app on localhost via HTTPS

Enabling HTTPS support via the Angular CLI is really straight forward, however generating a trusted certificate can be tricky. This article discusses how to achieve HTTPS on localhost for Angular applications.

ES6 — Set vs Array — What and when?

Some can argue that Set has more advantages compared to Array. Others may wonder why there is a need for Set now (we have been doing pretty well without one until now). What exactly differs these two and when to use one over the other?

404 after refreshing the browser for Angular / Vue.js app

This article discusses how to add utilise HTML5 style navigation for both Angular and Vue.js applications, and how to implement server side URL rewriting for full functionality.

Retrieve only queried element in an object array in MongoDB collection

In this 'Quick Tip' article, we review how to retrieve only the queried element in an object of arrays in MongoDB.

An Overview of ES2015 (ES6) Modules

This article focuses on the current state of Modules in the JavaScript ecosystem


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