call vs apply vs bind

In this article we take a look at the differences between call(), apply() and bind().

contains vs includes

This article explains the two, often mixed-up, contains and includes methods.

slice vs splice

This article explains the two, often mixed-up, slice and splice methods.

AVIF - Another Video based Image Format

In this article we take a look at AVIF - a next generation image format that was first introduced by Netflix and it promises optimised performance over the widely used and popular JPEG.

Bring your C++ Application to the Web with Web Assembly

Web Assembly allows developers to bring existing applications written in languages such as C++ to the web, leveraging the combination of modern browsers and JavaScript. This article features a C++ application port to Web Assembly.

Image Upload and Metadata Extraction with Netlify Functions

This article discusses how to upload images using Netlify Functions, store them in Cloudinary and extract Exif metadata for further usage.

Uploading and Displaying Videos with Next.js

In this article we put together a project to demonstrate how to upload and display videos using Next.js

Container Queries Meet AI-Based Cropping

The long-awaited CSS feature has finally landed behind a flag in Chrome Canary. In this article, we will take a look at an example of using them in conjunction with a clever, AI-based cropping solution from Cloudinary.

Creating an Automated Social Share Card Using Cloudinary and Eleventy

Social share cards are a great addition to any website, however building them manually could be challenging. This article discusses how to create them in an automated way, and it also introduced a plugin that can be used with Eleventy.

Three-State Light/Dark Theme Switch

Light and dark mode options are frequently added to websites; however, most solutions implement it as two-states, righteously. In this post, we'll take a look at a better, three-state approach.

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