The Cornerstones of HTML

Inspection of different pillar elements of HTML and the importance of them. Including topics like images, divs, forms, different tags and other key elements of HTML.

The Importance of Media Accessibility (m16y)

This article discusses how to make modern, visual websites more accessible for visitors having visual impairments. We have coined this 'media accessibility' or 'm16y'.

Introduction to the Jamstack

The aim of this article is to introduce the Jamstack. What is it about? What benefits are there for those who use it? These are the questions we will answer while having an overview of some of the services that can be used under the umbrella of the stack.

Using React Hooks with GraphQL

Using React hooks with GraphQL means less boilerplate code for apps. Read more about it in this article.

The three rendering musketeers: server-render, client-render and pre-render

Today there are three popular rendering mechanism used: server-side rendering (SSR), client-side rendering (CSR) and pre-rendering. This article reviews how they differ from one to the other.

What Is Isomorphic JavaScript?

This article discusses isomorphic (universal) JavaScript and how it can be applied to a PWA without any frontend frameworks, relying only on vanilla JavaScript.

Creating Progressive Web Apps with Vue

This article discusses how to create Progressive Web Apps using Vue.js (with the help of Workbox)

Basic Internet Knowledge - Internet 101

Useful informations for beginners, about how the workings of the internet, including topics such as IP addresses, webservers and more.

Creating a Realtime PWA Using Angular and Firebase (Part 2)

In this article we take a look at how to transform an application created using Angular & Firebase to function as a Progressive Web App.

Thoughts about Web Development and Coding from a Newbie

Thoughts about Web Development and Coding from a Newbie


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