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Serve an Angular app on localhost via HTTPS

Enabling HTTPS support via the Angular CLI is really straight forward, however generating a trusted certificate can be tricky. This article discusses how to achieve HTTPS on localhost for Angular applications.

404 after refreshing the browser for Angular / Vue.js app

This article discusses how to add utilise HTML5 style navigation for both Angular and Vue.js applications, and how to implement server side URL rewriting for full functionality.

Add Material Design to an Angular application

This article reviews how to add and utilise Material Design within an Angular application.

Add Bootstrap to an Angular application

This article discusses how to integrate Bootstrap with an Angular project in three ways - using Bootstrap natively, via ng-bootstrap as well as ngx-bootstrap.

Loading data before components in Angular

In this article, we'll review a few ways to make sure that data is available for a component before we load it and display it in the application to the user.

Use Angular Custom Element in Vue.js

In this article, we'll now see how to use such custom elements outside Angular and in a supposedly competing framework, Vue.js.

Create and use Custom Elements with Angular

In this article, we'll take a look at the new custom elements feature in Angular6. We will see how to create a custom element as well as how to reuse it in a simple application.

Display real-time data in Angular

In this article, we'll be taking a look at two ways to display real-time data in an Angular application - one using a timeout and the other using sockets.

Unsubscribe from Angular/RxJS subscription

In this article, we are discussing when it is required to unsubscribe from an observable in Angular to avoid memory leaks.

What's new in Angular 6?

In this article we are discussing the changes involved with the latest relase of the popular frontend framework by Google, Angular 6.

Caching HTTP requests with Angular

​Often when working with Angular applications, we make HTTP requests to access data from an API. Sometimes we are making requests to the same API endpoint in which case it'd make sense to cache the result of the response to avoid further requests.

Binding HTML with Angular

In this article we are reviewing what it takes to render HTML content inside Angular templates, including a word of caution regarding unsafe content.

constructor vs ngOnInit in Angular

A frequently asked question in Angular2+ is the difference between constructor() and ngOnInit() inside components. This article gives an answer.

Question mark in Angular expressions

Angular comes with a safe navigation operator that guards against 'null' and 'undefined' values in property paths.

File upload with Angular and Restify (Tutorial)

In this tutorial we'll learn how to upload files from an Angular5 application to a Node.js REST API that runs using Restify. For the file upload functionality we'll use the File Web API, without relying on a third party component.

Angular - Http vs HttpClient

A new, more robust HttpClient is available as of Angular 4.3. In this article we are discussing its main changes with code examples.

Angular - Promise vs Observable

An article explaining the differences between Promises and Observables in Angular.

Resolving Error: Uncaught (in promise): EmptyError: no elements in sequence

In this article we'll see how to fix the `Error: Uncaught (in promise): EmptyError: no elements in sequence` error caused by the Angular router.

Resolving 'Can't bind to 'ngFor' since it isn't a known property of 'element'' error in Angular

Read how you can potentially fix the 'can't bind to ngFor since it's not a known property of 'element' error.

Resolving 'import is blacklisted' tslint error for RxJS and Angular

Read how to fix the 'This import is blacklisted, import a submodule instead' tslint error for RxJS and Angular.